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Brave Browser Tops Google Play Ranking for Highest Downloads in Japan



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Brave Browser Tops Google Play Ranking for Highest Downloads in Japan

By beating the other rival browsers, Brave ranked as the most downloaded web browser in Japan. Because of its privacy-based application and other user-friendly features, it was downloaded 2 million times in the last month in Japan. It also registered as a better performer than other rival applications like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Viber, Free AdBlocker browser, WeChat, etc.

The Google play ranking report was released on Reddit on September 8 which reveals that Brave stood 10th in the ranking leaving behind its closest contender Firefox at 14th position.

Google play rankings are based on key performance indicators (KPIs). Few of them are the security of the user, surfing speed of the browser, background processing, local location, crash rates, excessive WIFI usage, response rate, etc.

More about Brave:

Brave, a decentralized Blockchain-enabled browser was founded by Brendan Eich who is also the co-founder of Mozilla and developer of JavaScript. This web browser has been developed with strong privacy policies. It also has an interesting feature which allows the users to earn for watching the relevant commercials.

The browser offers brave rewards program (BAT) through which the user is paid for watching ads, but they are not forced to watch them and have the option of blocking the ads as well. The Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) are the virtual tokens which stand at 34th rank in the digital market.

Japan as a Crypto Market Hub:

After China imposed an access ban on foreign exchanges for the Chinese population, Japan tapped the market and adopted the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It offers crypto-friendly policies to Blockchain companies and has now been flourishing rapidly as a crypto hub. Japan’s yen contributes approx. 20% of the total Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world market.

Though Brave is marching ahead in markets of Japan and across many other countries, Google Chrome still manipulates the market. For desktop setups, Chrome controls 54%, and for mobile handsets, it captures 65% of the total world market share.

Recently, Brave has also declared the development of its new cryptocurrency wallet for ETH and BAT.

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