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Both Bitcoin & Ripple Drew Flakes from the Market Slowdown



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Both Bitcoin & Ripple Drew Flakes from the Market Slowdown

The market has again become defunct as far as recovery is concerned. The effects can be seen in the price movements of Bitcoin and Ripple as well. Both the coins have taken hit over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin has lost 2.5% whereas Ripple is down by 1.5%.

Bitcoin vs Ripple Price Analysis & Predictions

Bitcoin started the day off with a fall of 1.73% between 01:27 UTC and 09:25 UTC. This fall cost the coin $179 and placed the BTC price at $10,207.55. After a few minutes of volatile growth, BTC again took a dip of 3.35% and lost $344.94. This dip pushed the coin to the lowest of the day at $9938. From there, the Bitcoin price grew by 1.47% over the next seven and a half hours from 19:37 UTC. This hike had a break at $10,220.25 and by 03:10 UTC, it helped BTC to reach $10,085.

Going contrary to the price movement of Bitcoin, Ripple initiated with a hike between 00:02 UTC and 02:22 UTC. This hike added $0.0048 to the XRP price. It was followed by a slight fall of 1.35% over the next 7 hours and it took Ripple price to $0.2593. The third variation started at 09:59 UTC and this one is the most significant swing of the day. This swing took the coin at $0.2633. And then, Ripple price dropped by 2.29% and placed the price at $0.2534. The last variation happened between 19:36 UTC and 02:34 UTC and this swing added $0.0036 to the XRP coin. It had a break at $0.2601.

BTC vs XRP Price Chart

Bitcoin vs. Ripple Price

The price movement of both coins is volatile. However, both coins have their potential to perform a rally before this year ends. The next probable resistance and support levels are listed below.

  Bitcoin (BTC) Ripple (XRP)
1st Resistance 10333.36333 USD 0.262845 USD
2nd Resistance 10550.74667 USD 0.267019 USD
3rd Resistance 10707.14333 USD 0.270389 USD
1st Support 9959.583333 USD 0.255301 USD
2nd Support 9803.186667 USD 0.251931 USD
3rd Support 9585.803333 USD 0.247757 USD

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